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Publisher Description

The Warrior Lord's Sword is a Devotional Meditation. It isn't an apologetic statement. Nor is it a theological thesis. This book wants to take you into a discovery of how the Bible describes itself. As you are taken, over 31 days, through well-known or perhaps overlooked descriptions a sense of wonder may well creep into your consciousness.

By such words or phrases as 'unbreakable. God's breath, the four soils, oracles, the Scriptures Jesus used, The Word of God is a fire and hammer', the reader's views are aroused. The author intends this book to be motivation for the reader to enjoy God's word.

There's a restlessness within many hearts due to uncertainties surrounding who they are and what life is about. Relationships are under-stress and the joy of togetherness is fading. These devotions offer a framework for peace and how to enjoy a life of meaning and also to refresh relationships. This comes about as something in each of the days allows the grace, the hope and the wonder of God word and love to capture your attention.

The Warrior Lord's Sword follows the Biblical concept of Jesus as Heaven's Warrior. My devotional ' Bethlehem Warrior Baby' explains Christmas a God's invasion strategy to reclaim His people and creation. In 'Captured by Calvary' it speaks about how Christ fought our spiritual battle on the Cross, and gained the victory. This latest devotional meditation offers insight into the authority and integrity of God's word so the reader can have confidence in the promises of God.

As the devotional is read a realisation will become apparent how this is a celebration of gratitude to Christ Jesus for His word. The wonder of the word of God is its life enhancing power which can and will birth in you the sense of gratitude to the Lord for it.

Religion & Spirituality
April 4
Ray Hawkins