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When Rose Dean-Davis died on 31 January 2009, an important part of modern folk history might have gone with her. But it is preserved in this remarkable book, its words forming the basis of the numerous national press obituaries that marked her passing and of her funeral oration. 

To London's East Enders Rose Dean-Davis is synonymous with one of the highest profile justice campaigns in modern history. The campaign to free her husband from a 20 year prison sentence became a consuming obsession to Rose and their closest friends. They pursued a strategy of ever more headline-grabbing publicity stunts - 'George Davis is innocent OK' until the historic day in May 1976, when the campaign succeeded in releasing George from prison. But in less than 18 months Davis shocked all his supporters when caught red-handed in a bank raid. 

Told in her own words and laced with humour, THE WARS OF ROSIE is the moving story of a woman who maintained her optimism through all of life's hard knocks but was undone by the worst of it - from her husband's betrayal to loss of the beloved daughter. Her remarkable story is further supplemented by the testimony of the men who shared some of her battles - including George Davis himself. 

It chronicles her role as a vivid footnote in British social history.' - The Times 

'When [Rose] knew the cancer she had fought for several years would kill her - and soon - she decided to tell the real story of her battles. For the first time, she told what happened in those tumultuous years: the joy and, ultimately, the pain. This untold narrative is in her autobiography, The Wars of Rosie.' - London Evening Standard

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FCC77 ,


I have read a lot about this case and it seems MR Chappell was the driving force behind the campaign and it would not have even started without him

the roses life full of lies ,

Lies lies lies

This book is full of a load of lies to make her look better