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A world-ending meteor. An invasion of monsters. A desperate fight for survival...

Alex Keener has lived all of his sixteen years in Bunker 108. He's walked the same metal halls, seen the same faces, has followed the same rules. All that changes when a viral outbreak forces him to flee the safety of his bunker.

Outside, he discovers a barren world twisted by the impact of the meteor Ragnarok thirty years ago. Alone, he must wander a brutal landscape, where every breath is a fight for survival. Monsters haunt the planet's surface, and nothing of the old world remains.

Can Alex survive this hellish wasteland, or will he become its newest victim?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
25 March
Kyle West

Customer Reviews

Marks study ,

Fantastic sci-fi fantasy mix

This is just a start of a epic journey, full of detailed characters and places. The author has managed to paint such a detailed world and epic events in words. The entire series and the prequels are a highly recommended read.

Colin C 666 ,

The Wasteland Chronicles

An enjoyable read could not put down until I reached the end.

😎😊😆😁😗 ,

Incredibly entertaining thoroughly

680 pages showing the adventure of Alex Keener who lost his bunker, expressed in an amazing way, showed many losses... But many happy moments however most Impressively kept everything interesting. Not for a second was I bored.. HOWEVER, another person mentioned that it has a bad ending... This is because it is not the ending itself, the omnibus contains 3 books and as far as I know there are 4 more of this series; revelation, darkness, evolution and xenofall

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