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The 3-A-DAY book series helps people better understand the Bible by providing resources that take approximately 3 minutes a day to read.

Looking for something to start, restart, or enhance your connection with God? Each chapter of this book can be read in approximately 3 minutes and help you take next steps in your journey with God. This book is great to use for a daily devotional, personal Bible study, small group study, or sermon preparation.

Let's face it…most people have busy lives filled with work, school, building relationships, and all kinds of other events or obligations. You may crawl into bed many nights exhausted from the day's happenings. If growing in a relationship with God is also a part of your daily habit, you may sometimes find it difficult to get into a healthy routine of reading and studying the Bible.

Can you find 3 minutes each day?

If so, that's how long it may take you to read each chapter of this book. The book is organized into several short chapters which guide you through the Gospel of John. The goal is not to read this entire book in one or two days, but to take three minutes a day to read one chapter from this book. Although it may take you several weeks to finish, the brief chapters should allow you to absorb and apply what you are learning.

Layout of This Book
The introduction to this book has been written so the reader has a better understanding of the Biblical author, his purpose in writing, and important points to understand before reading each chapter. The chapters provide concise thoughts about the Scripture reading and usually conclude with an overall application. The best way to read each chapter is to read the Scripture verses from your own Bible, rely on the Holy Spirit to provide understanding, and then support your understanding with the words written in this book. At the end of each chapter, there is a short prayer written so the reader can communicate with God about what has been discovered in the reading.

Religion & Spirituality
14 December
Tom Hogsed

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