The Week Before Thanksgiving

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Publisher Description

A celebrated jewelry designer, Jean Marc, was promised to be appointed ‘chairman of the board’ by the owner of the company, Volcano Enterprises. But the owner died and his two sons took over the company. ? The brothers did not honor their father’s promise, but instead, fired the designer. 

Jean Marc seeks revenge. On the advice of his son, he hired a ?jack of all trades' character, Casey Armstrong to perform two special services. Casey first broke into Volcano files and copied incriminating information – insurance for retaliation. Then, he robbed the company of millions of dollars in merchandise. 

These escapades went smoothly, but there was a gang working a racket with the company, and they became quite apprehensive over the risk of being found out. The evidence from the files would send them to prison forever. So, this dangerous bunch hightailed after Jean Marc, Casey, and Ted Macon, Jean Marc’s assistant. Chases and meetings followed. One meeting left three people dead. 

Lt. Tommy Chang is on the case. or cases. He is a famous San Francisco police detective who sketches his suspects and crime scenes. He is also a kung foo expert. When Tommy had the evidence to make several arrests, he delayed the procedure to find more clues and suspects. In addition, two ranking police officers were under his secret investigation.  

The story is filled with action, strategies, romance, art, and humor. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat during the fast getaways and stunts. In one episode, there is a sting operation underway – who’s side are you on? Lots of romance – four pretty girls are waiting to change their name. And you will marvel at Jean Marc’s designing, and his plan to sell it. Tommy’s sketching, and Claire’s wig creation – the Sky Dive, which was used in the sensational robbery. 

There are fifty thrilling characters. You will be happy to meet most of them, but ten of them, you had better stay away from. So now, get ready for drama, humor, and enlightenment. 

Have a good week!

Crime & Thrillers
10 August