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People often describe Westchester as quaint or charming, with its old world cobblestone sidewalks lined with gas lanterns and the big thick stone buildings. But that is not what draws most people there. As the story goes, the town was founded hundreds of years ago by the heir of a wealthy industrial tycoon. Legend also has it that he had hidden a vast fortune somewhere in or around the town. What, they say, he didn't anticipate was the difficulty that came of actually deciphering the clues he left behind. Years went by, and as the generations passed, most said that it was a hoax and there was never really a treasure at all. Much of the initial hype tapered off throughout the decades, but as you can guess, it never really went away completely. Westchester has had its share of treasure hunters come to town throughout the years. Always asking the same questions, with the same hopes and dream, in search of something great. So you can imagine how it must have felt when it was at last proven that the legend was actually true. And that it should not be discovered by some experienced team of professional treasure hunters, or some group of historian archeologists, or some highfalutin hero in a funny hat. But that it would happen via a team of two high school kids working on a class project. And that the key discovery unlocking secrets encoded in an old map would occur not in some lab or think tank or professor's office, but on a cedar floor 15 feet above a boy's back yard, under the light of a solar powered lantern in an old oak treehouse.

Fiction & Literature
September 10
Adlux Media

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