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The Wolf-Packed Bundle includes the first three books in the Love, Lust and Lycanthropy series, plus a preview from Book 4: Wolf-Packed Challenge, at the end.

Please Note - if you’ve already purchased books 1 and 2 and you’re interested in getting book 3, DO NOT purchase this bundle. Book 3 (Wolf-Packed Submission) is also available as a standalone story.

Book 1 - Wolf Lust:
Kat Thomas' life is about to take a strange turn when she agrees to go camping in the woods. When she awakens in the middle of the night, her boyfriend is nowhere to be found. Outside their tent, the full moon outlines a beast she mistakes for a wolf, until it stands up. In seconds, the beast is upon her. Kat is expecting an attack, but she isn't prepared for it to feel so sensual.

Book 2 - Wolf-Packed Initiation:
Kat must face the first test on the path to becoming Granger's mate: a threesome with other wolves. At the campsite, she discovers that her threesome is now a foursome, and Granger's brother is head of the party. He's a cruel and uncaring lover; the opposite of Granger. The night holds a few surprises for Kat, but she refuses to opt out. Instead, she has a few surprises in store for them.

Book 3 - Wolf-Packed Submission:
Kat survived her encounter with three wolves in the woods. In this next stage Kat will have to make herself available, sexually, to the Elders. All of the Elders. But first she has to meet Granger’s family. Will they like her? How do they feel about a non-wolf for a daughter-in-law?
Add in the sexual overtures from the super sexy Pack Alpha and Kat has a lot on her plate this round.

WARNING! These stories contain smokin’ hot, explicit girl-on-werewolf sex. Not for the faint of heart.
All characters are adults, aged 18+.

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March 2
Molly Dawn

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