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The Women of the American Revolution

Elizabeth Fries Ellet, American author, historian, and poet (1818-1877)

This ebook presents «The Women of the American Revolution», from Elizabeth Fries Ellet. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- Preface

- Introductory

- Mary Washington

- Esther Reed

- Catharine Schuyler

- Catharine Greene

- Mercy Warren, Janet Montgomery, Hannah Winthrop, Catharine Livingston

- Lucia Knox, Mrs. Gates

- Mary Draper, Mrs. Pond

- Frederica De Riedesel

- Dorothy Hancock, Sarah Hull

- Harriet Ackland

- Hannah Erwin Israel, Mary Redmond

- Lydia Darrah

- Rebecca Franks

- Elizabeth Ferguson

- Mary Philipse

- Sarah Reeve Gibbes, Mary Anna Gibbes

- Eliza Wilkinson

- Martha Bratton, Mrs. Adair

- Jane Thomas, Isabella Sims, Mrs. Jolly, Mrs. Otterson, Nancy Jackson, Jane Mcjunkin

- Dorcas Richardson

- Elizabeth, Grace And Rachel Martin, Mrs. Spalding

- Dicey Langston, Mrs. Dillard, Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Beckham

- Elizabeth Steele, Mrs. Brevard, Mrs. Jackson

- Mary Slocumb, Ester Wake

- Sarah Bache

- Martha Washington

- Abigail Adams, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Cranch, Elizabeth Clay

- Martha Wilson

- Rebecca Motte, Mrs. Brewton

- Susannah Elliott, Sabina Elliott, Mrs. Lewis Morris, Jane Washington, Anna Elliott, Sarah Hopton

- Behethland Foote Butler

- Hannah Caldwell, Susan Livingston, Catharine Livingston, Susannah Livingston, Lady Stirling

- Deborah Samson

- Margaret Gaston

- Flora Mcdonald

- Rachel Caldwell, Mary Long, Mrs. Jones

- The Women Of Wyoming: Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Ives, Mrs. Bidlack - Mrs. Young, Mrs. Dana - Frances Slocum. Women Of Wawasink; Mrs. Bevier, Catharine Vernooy

- Jane Campbell

- Cornelia Beekman

- Frances Allen

- Margaret Arnold

- Jane Mccrea

- Nancy Hart

- Rebecca Biddle, Mrs. Graydon

- Ann Eliza Bleecker, Margaretta Faugeres, Alice Izard, Mrs. Ralph Izard

- Anna Bailey, Mrs. Wright - Mrs. Shattuck, Rebecca Barlow

- The Women Of Kentucky: Mrs. Boone, Mrs. Whitley, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Daviess, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Woods, Mrs. Merrill

- Elizabeth Zane

- Margaret Morris

- Miscellaneous Anecdotes: Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Dissosway, Mrs. Jackson, Mary Bowen, Mrs. Walker, Emily Geiger, Mrs Griswold, Hannah Mooney, Mrs. Wadsworth, Mrs. Monro, Mrs. Borden, Mrs. Heyward, Mrs. Shubrick, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Conyngham

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