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Jim Tomlinson tried to warn everyone of the coming disaster, but no one wanted to listen and now the entire world was burning!


However, the best laid plans often "go awry." Despite the vast amount of care which went into the first shot, it failed to strike its objective — New York City — by a wide margin. Partly it seems that an atomically disintegrating projectile is hard to manage; partly, the enemy pilots, who had risked their lives high over New York to direct the shot, had been spotted almost at the last moment. Caught in a maze of search-lights they became the center of a hurricane of fire from above and below, and their final signals, just before they were brought down, were too hurried. The net result was that the flaming projectile, roaring with the noise of a thousand express trains, passed New York far to the north and fell with a terrific detonation in an uninhabited section in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, burying itself deep in the ground.

This was the first and the last shot of its kind that was ever fired. The attempted firing of the second shot, which took place sometime later that very night, proved disastrous to themselves.

The lone survivor relates that something must have gone wrong as the second projectile was about to be discharged. Nothing remained of the elaborate hide-out but an immense crater two thousand feet in diameter. The exploded and melted equipment together with the personnel were scattered to the winds. Scarcely a trace was ever found.

But the harm was done beyond recall.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 14
EStar Books