The Wrong/Right Man

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The Wrong/Right Man

Waking up to a text asking why you stood up your blind date is not the best way to start the day, especially when the man in question is standing half dressed in her kitchen.

Maybe Dakota Newton shouldn't have assumed the gorgeous man with a devastating smile standing outside the coffee shop was her date. She probably— Okay, she definitely shouldn't have slept with him, regardless of how hot the chemistry between them was. But how could she know Mr. Right was actually Mr. Wrong?

Braxton Adams has been called a few things in his life, but a liar was never one of them. That all changes when he's approached by a beautiful woman who thinks he's there to meet her for a date.

As a businessman, Brax knows to trust his gut and never let an opportunity pass him by, so he pretends to be someone he's not.

Maybe he shouldn't have lied. Maybe he should have come clean. But in the end, it doesn't matter, because now he has to prove he's not the wrong man but the right one.

So what if he's not the man she's expecting? She's the one he's been waiting for.

3 March
Aurora Rose reynolds

Customer Reviews

CeeCeeHouston ,

Can obsession lead to true love?

The Wrong/Right Man is my first read from author Aurora Rose Reynolds and while I quite liked the story and the characters, Braxton Adams did give me a little pause. He was blatantly obsessed with Dakota Newton from the moment he set eyes on her. Obsessed enough to lie and prevaricate when he had the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding he’d caused. But he chose not to.
Dakota was pushed into a blind date by a friend, all she knows is his name and where she’s to meet him. When she arrives at the street across from the designated coffee shop, she’s blinded by the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. He can’t be her date surely??
But when asked if he’s Adam, Mr Adams says yes.
A seductive one-night stand is the result and it’s only later that Dakota finds out the truth. Not only isn’t ‘Adam’ her date… but he’s her boss at her new job. Cue, dilemma. She likes him, but she doesn’t trust him. Plus, she wants to do her job on her own merit.
Braxton wants her close to him, in all ways. There’s some pushing and pulling. Some seriously worrying stalking brushed off as just part of her new job and living arrangements. But, overall, the attraction and chemistry win. Braxton was a dominant, powerful alpha used to getting his own way and Dakota wasn’t one to give in easily. Their relationship had its ups and downs but they found their way.

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