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The first three books in the popular Young Billionaires series.

Includes a BONUS short story previously only available via the author’s newsletter.

Book 1 - The Billionaire Stepbrother

Bailey Sheppard had loved Nick Heart for as long as she could remember.  They had been best friends in school and had graduated to a friends-with-benefits arrangement after she left home to study at a university two states away.  Their once a month weekends were the highlight of her life, when he would fly in to visit her and she would have him all to herself for the entire, uninterrupted weekend.

And then he told her he was getting married.

Bailey’s perfect world was threatening to implode and she had to do something to set it to rights.  She needed Nick in her life, she wanted to be the one he married and lived happily ever after with.  So, she hatched a plan to stop the wedding and steal the groom.

And then she met Hunter.

Hunter Green, the reclusive aviation billionaire, offered to act as her boyfriend to make the groom jealous and help her put a stop to the wedding.  But his beautiful green eyes and the way he made her feel when he touched her caused her to question her loyalty and feelings towards Nick.  Oh, and he just happens to be Nick’s stepbrother.

Now she had feelings for Hunter that won’t be denied, but what did that mean for her future with Nick?  Did she take a chance on a new relationship with Hunter or should she stay the course and reach for the happily ever after she’d always imagined with Nick?

Book 2 - The Billionaire Daddy

Brooks Barry was a corporate shark and one of the youngest billionaires in Australia.  For five years he travelled the world, buying up floundering businesses, streamlining them and then selling them off for profit.  He was good at what he did, but there was something missing in his life.  When one of his good friends fell in love, Brooks decided that maybe it was time to go home and actually live in the mansion he’d built for his wife before she left him for her ex-boyfriend.  Seeing Hunter and Bailey together made Brooks think that maybe he could find that if he would only stop running from the heartbreak of his divorce.

Harper Fenwick had been a nanny for four and a half years, but she’d never had to face this situation before.  Her employer, Heather, had decided that she was sick of being a single mother and instructed Harper to take her daughter, Piper, to her father.  The only problem was that he didn’t know she existed.  When she first laid eyes on Brooks Barry, she could barely get a word out due to a large part of her brain shutting down as lust took over her frontal cortex.  She immediately developed a major crush on her boss and she still had to explain about the four year old little girl who was dying to meet him.

Book 3 - The Billionaire Muse

Mason Pressfield liked his quiet, solitary, ordered life.  He liked his mostly nocturnal existence, working late into the night and sleeping through the day.  He liked the quiet of his apartment, one of only two on his floor, and he especially liked being able to escape from people whenever he wanted to.  It’s not that he didn’t like other people, he just found them so… draining.  So what if two of his friends had found their forever partners? It didn’t mean that he was missing out on anything.  He wasn’t the relationship type anyway, and he liked to be able to keep the women in his life at arm’s length.  He liked to have complete control over any and all interactions with them.  So why was his new neighbour getting under his skin?  And what the hell were those strange noises coming from her apartment in the middle of the night?

Abby Sutherland chose her apartment because it was only one of two on that floor and the building manager assured her that her neighbour was the type to keep to himself.  She liked her anonymity and a quiet, unobtrusive neighbour was exactly what she needed.  Abby had a secret that she was bound and determined to keep just that - a secret.  The last thing she needed was a nosy neighbour butting in and trying to find all the skeletons in her closet.

When she first saw her new neighbour, it wasn’t under exactly ideal conditions and may have even come across as slightly suspicious.  And then he caught her again, also in a compromising position and she doubted the wisdom of choosing this particular apartment.  Even though she knew she needed to keep away from him, she was drawn to her tall, dark and handsome neighbour and her very active imagination began to use him as her muse for all sorts of fantastic tales.  But would the real Mason be a disappointment as she got to know him, or was he exactly what she had been fantasising about all along?

Bonus Short Story - Hunter & Bailey

This book takes place between Books 3 & 4 of The Young Billionaires Series

Hunter and Bailey just can’t seem to connect…too much time apart is playing havoc with their relationship and the Bailey finds lipstick on Hunter’s shirt…lipstick that isn’t hers.

August 11
Emma Lea Writer

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