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The suburbs of Denver were no place to stay during a zombie outbreak, even worse the nuclear fallout was making the place downright uninhabitable. Max and his companions needed to get out of town fast, before they joined the ranks of the living dead or the just good old fashioned dead.

This is book two in the Zombie Chronicles Trilogy, not a stand alone novel.

Fiction & Literature
July 28
Mark Clodi

Customer Reviews

Hetspa ,

Forget the editing and revel at another level.

To read a book about zombies and actually get a sense of how the undead think and feel is amazing. This author gives you the chance to see the ‘zombies’ as another form of intelligent enemy with an original, in my experience at least, take on how the undead are depicted.
The similarities between the vampire hierarchy system and the ‘one’ zombie is forgivable as Is the mistakes and need for editing.
If you can leave your literary snobbery out of things you will enjoy a thoroughly readable book.

Gaza bear ,

Very good read

Really enjoyed these books , very nice twist on the zombie story , looking forward to the next one . Keep up the good work 👍

FEARtheMooseUK ,

Great series

Any Zombie genre fans out there will love this book. The zombies have a interesting spin on them, which i have never seen before. I was a little skeptical about----- SPOILER ALERT ------ "smart" zombies, but as i got into the book it was impossible to put down, and i am throughly enjoying the authors personal twist on the zombies. I read straight after reading max brooks wwz and the day by day Armageddon series and im enjoying this series just as much as those. I feel spoilt for choice atm!

If enjoy the zombie genre you would be a fool not to read this!

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