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"Super delicious alpha and a heroine that will make you melt!" - Reader Review

Nolan Burke was never really a criminal.

He’d joined the Syndicate to learn how to be a man. Pissing off his socialite mother was just a bonus, as was hanging around South Boston with Bridget Monagahan and his best friend Will. But that was before Bridget dumped him without explanation. Forced to pick up the pieces, Nolan returned to law school and set about fulfilling the real purpose of someone of his station — making money.

Bridget Monaghan has never been ashamed of her working class upbringing. She loves everything about Southie, loves living with her parents and brother in their small row house and knowing everyone she passes on the sidewalk. Going to night school to become a lawyer was a way to do something meaningful with her life, a way to make the world a better place. Then her brother was diagnosed with ALS and she was forced to make the most painful decision of her life: break things off with Nolan in exchange for money from his mother — money that went a long way to caring for her brother as his illness progressed.

Four years later, Bridget is working as a lawyer for the Irish mob, still trying to cover her brother’s expensive medications and treatments, when she finds herself in the crosshairs of a war between the Syndicate and a former I.R.A. operative running the criminal organization in South Boston. When the Syndicate asks for Nolan’s help, he and Bridget are drawn into a deadly turf war that will force them to save themselves — or risk everything for love.

July 24
Blackthorn Press

Customer Reviews

Kellyst79 ,

Another fab syndicate series

Every time I start a new syndicate series by this author I thinks it’s the best one, they just keep getting better. I absolutely love this book and look forward to the next book. Nolan and Bridget have history, Bridget has done something in the past and doesn’t want Nolan finding out. Nolan wants to be with her. This book seems to be a bit different from the others. Bridget is working for the Mob, Nolan used to work for it but got out but is now back in. Trying to look for a way to take the mob down and the syndicate in.

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