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Create innovative informatics solutions with TIBCO Spotfire
Key Features
Get to grips with a variety of TIBCO Spotfire features to create professional applications

Use different data and visualization techniques to build interactive analyses.

Simplify BI processes and understand data analysis and visualization

Book Description
The need for agile business intelligence (BI) is growing daily, and TIBCO Spotfire® combines self-service features with essential enterprise governance and scaling capabilities to provide best-practice analytics solutions. Spotfire is easy and intuitive to use and is a rewarding environment for all BI users and analytics developers.

Starting with data and visualization concepts, this book takes you on a journey through increasingly advanced topics to help you work toward becoming a professional analytics solution provider. Examples of analyzing real-world data are used to illustrate how to work with Spotfire. Once you've covered the AI-driven recommendations engine, you'll move on to understanding Spotfire's rich suite of visualizations and when, why and how you should use each of them. In later chapters, you'll work with location analytics, advanced analytics using TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R®, how to decide whether to use in-database or in-memory analytics, and how to work with streaming (live) data in Spotfire. You'll also explore key product integrations that significantly enhance Spotfire's capabilities.This book will enable you to exploit the advantages of the Spotfire serve topology and learn how to make practical use of scheduling and routing rules.

By the end of this book, you will have learned how to build and use powerful analytics dashboards and applications, perform spatial analytics, and be able to administer your Spotfire environment efficiently
What you will learn
Work with Spotfire on its web, Cloud, PC, Mac and mobile clients

Deploy Spotfire's suite of visualization types effectively and intelligently

Build user-friendly analytics frameworks and analytics applications

Explore Spotfire's predictive analytics capabilities

Use Spotfire's location analytics capabilities to create interactive spatial analyses

Write IronPython scripts with the Spotfire API

Learn the different ways Spotfire can be deployed and administered
Who this book is for
If you are a business intelligence or data professional, this book will give you a solid grounding in the use of TIBCO Spotfire. This book requires no prior knowledge of Spotfire or any basic data and visualization concepts.

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April 30
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