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What's the difference between leaders and teams that get their best results and those that don't? Turns out that it's what they focus on daily and how they design their time around their energy and the outcomes they want. Small pivots make big differences. Determining which pivots you and your team need to make is in one of the 7 simple keys you'll learn in this book.

This practical, short guide for designing your time for optimal results condenses five years of research of more than one thousand executive coaching sessions with leaders, and thousands of hours of practical learning experiences with successful authors and educators. It can be used to coach yourself and your team to make adjustments to behaviors that the best leaders and executives use to create extra ordinary results.

This quick guide is complete with self assessments to quickly pinpoint how you may be wasting your time or energy, along with practices that will guide you towards what to focus on first and how to map your time for the end result you want to achieve. You'll discover how to increase your time metabolism, why you procrastinate and what to do about it, and how to build sprints for yourself and your team to get the results you want, fast.

Each bite size chapter is designed to move you one step closer to actions that will help you design your time and manage your energy more efficiently and effectively to achieve outcomes that will lead to deeply satisfying accomplishments. Yes, that means higher profits for your organization and higher incomes for those that were responsible for creating those results.

Business & Personal Finance
November 27
Lynda McNutt Foster