To See a Different World

From Winchester to Mysore with a Pinhole Camera

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    • £4.99

Publisher Description

To See a Different World is an artist’s account in poetic image and text of a remarkable photographic project in southern India. Using collapsible pinhole cameras that she designed and built herself, Anna Cady made photographs on sheets of paper 1.5 metres (nearly 5 feet) long, and developed them on location. 

During a previous visit, Anna Cady had found herself thinking about the act of taking tourist photos and how the value we attach to photos has gone down as the volume of digital pictures goes up. Her practice at that time involved using furniture-sized pinhole cameras to make direct exposures onto large sheets of photo paper – as much as 1.8 metres long, and requiring three-hour exposures. How could this cumbersome technology and the thoughtful approach that it demanded be transported out of doors, and across continents? Could she reclaim the photograph from something disposable to ‘a picture which when transported home still gave that sense of being there’?

In three sections, this beautiful book puts an exhibition in your hands. Burnt On is based on the poem in images and text that she exhibited on her return, hugely extended with new movies and location photos. For the Curious gives an insight into the artist’s ambitious intentions and how she dealt with the challenges. In the final section, Anna Cady offers some practical tips for those who are tempted to try pinhole photography themselves.

Developed in close collaboration with the artist, this interactive book explores the creative opportunities of working with extraordinary image quality and of blending still and moving image, text and sound to create a carefully considered unity.

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21 September
Electric Imprint