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To Tempt A Thief

 The truth is seldom what it seems…

 Staking his good name, spotless reputation, and unshakable belief that nothing is more sacred than the law, Darius ‘Dare’ Rusten, Fifth Earl of Collingwood, accepts an ill-advised wager. He vows to catch the Mayfair Shadow, the infamous thief looting the ton, within a fortnight when the authorities have not accomplished the task in three months. Dare does not count on the distraction of a stunning female he has never noticed before. A distraction he begins to encounter at every turn.

Miss Gertrude Carr is all things family and loyalty, so when she suspects someone she loves could be the notorious Mayfair Shadow, she sets out to discover the thief’s identity. When she learns the dogmatically unforgiving Lord Collingwood has joined the search, she knows her entire future depends upon his failure. He must never learn the truth. At any cost! Even if it means misleading him into thinking she is the Mayfair Shadow.

 Love, loyalty, or the law—which will prevail?

Regencies With a Difference! 

The year is 1811 and the Prince of Wales has finally been declared Regent to rule in place of his incapacitated father. But that is not the most peculiar thing about this London Season… 

An audacious thief is lifting jewels from under the very noses of their aristocratic owners. Some suspect The Mayfair Shadow may be a member of the ton! An infant is abandoned on the doorstep of three notorious rakes – but which one is the father? Are a series of gruesome murders at Vauxhall connected to the exiled royal house of Moldavia? A perfect young lady, betrothed to England’s most eligible earl, vanishes from a ball on the eve of her wedding. And what about rumors of a virile Viking warrior in the Prince Regent’s court? 

Enjoy this entertaining Regency series created by a group of award-winning and bestselling historical romance authors! 

April 14
Gail Ranstrom

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