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The naked, maimed body found floating off the coast of Cornwall's English Channel presents a vexing puzzle for Detective Inspector Morgan Davies and her Scene of Crimes Manager, Calum West. Post-mortem confirms the dead man's wounds are evidence of torture, but without a name, a crime scene, or a motive, the detectives are stymied. 

Two days later, a woman reports her partner, Archie Hansen, missing. A farmer and Druid, Archie had made a dangerous discovery he dared not share with anyone. Is he the anonymous floater?

Unraveling this mystery of betrayal, greed, and revenge will test the investigative skills and intuition of Davies and West as never before. With so little evidence, can they outsmart a wickedly clever killer?

Crime & Thrillers
August 15
Northstar Editions

Customer Reviews

A Ratlian ,

Was this written for the mid Atlantic?

The story line kept the reader guessing throughout and was well worth reading, so I’d recommend this book.
There a couple of issues that let it down though.
Clearly the author had tried to make it as realistic as possible in relation to the police service. Unfortunately whilst some of the terminology used was authentic some was way off the mark. In the British police service we don’t have superior officers. They are always Senior. Again we do not have badges to hand in. Whilst all officers have Warrant Cards, they would never refer to 'handing in their badge',they would say they’d 'put their ticket in'.
Reference is made to a badge of rank having three silver bars. There is no such badge of rank used. They are either numbers, chevrons and numbers, bath stars, crowns or crossed tip staves surrounded by laurel leaves.

I’m left wondering if the author was trying to appeal to a USA market as well as a UK one.

If you are not a retired police officer, or as we say, ex job, they all of the above will pass you by.

For all of the above comments it’s a good read and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

kevinrevving ,


I’ve just read the first page and part of page 2. Two schoolboy spelling errors so far. Maris Piper, not Peer and pricey, not pricy. I don’t think I’ll read any further because, if no editor has lain a friendly hand on the manuscript, chances are it’ll be show. And, spelling aside, those first two pages suggest this is the case.

Lucky Dave 1123 ,

Too clever by half

Enjoyed the read. Strange having to read a British crime story with American English language. USA author, I know, still unusual.

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