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Do nice guys stand a chance?

Nick Templeton has been in love with Lizzie Donavue for what seems like forever. Just as he summons the courage to make his move, she’s offered a modelling contract which takes her across the Atlantic to the glamorous fashion scenes of New York and Los Angeles. And far away from him.

Nick is forced to watch from the sidelines as the gawky teenager he knew is transformed into Elizabeth Donavue: top model and the ultimate elegant English rose pin-up, seemingly forever caught in a whirlwind of celebrity parties with the next up-and-coming Hollywood bad boy by her side. 

But then Lizzie’s star-studded life comes crashing down around her, and a nice guy like Nick seems just what she needs. Will she take a chance on him? Or is he too damn nice?

For fans of Bridget Jones. 

August 1
Choc Lit

Customer Reviews

Wooleejumpa ,

Recommended reading

Too Damn Nice is a tale of unrequited love and missed opportunity. On Lizzie’s 18th birthday party, Nick has decided it's finally time to declare his love for her. Before he has a chance to do so, she announces that she’s off to New York to become a model. Over the next few years she achieves supermodel status but after a series of wrong decisions and an horrific incident causing her shame and humiliation, seeing her life start to spiral downwards, Lizzie goes into hiding. Realizing she desperately needs help, Nick rushes over to America to her rescue, what a hero.

Recon-ciliation ,

Exciting, Emotional and very Entertaining

I managed to read this in a day and what a great read !

We all carry emotional baggage, some of us are hurt more easily than others, some of us are scared of being rejected, some of us are scared of admitting the truth, the list of human emotional errors is long, but one thing we all enjoy is a good love story with a happy ending.

Often the journey toward the happy ending is hard, fraught with decisions and choices which have consequences and which we can not take back. Words hurt, often more than the physical hurts and leave a lasting impression.

Too Damn Nice is a journey into all these emotions and much more. Lovers of the film “Notting Hill” will not be disappointed !

Marijenlyn ,

Too Damn Nice

Loved the main characters and the storyline. Will be reading more of Kathryn's books.

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