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From USA Today bestselling author RC Boldt...

First Top 40 hit at age seventeen? My first tabloid breakup scandal quickly followed. 

Earned my first Grammy? Discovered Mommy Dearest was embezzling my money. 

Landed a leading role in a movie? My fiancé called off our engagement the next day.


I might have a multi-million-dollar recording contract, a sold-out world tour, and more money in the bank than I ever imagined, but every time I hit a milestone in my career, my personal life suffers.


Then in steps my new bodyguard, rugged and with a past I connect with. The closer we get, the more powerful my feelings grow, complicating our professional relationship.


I thought Kane would be different. I hoped he’d be the one man to stand by my side, undaunted by the fame and attention that trails me. 


The press calls me the “Ice Princess of Pop” because of my unyielding façade throughout heartbreak and betrayal. Perhaps it’s time to show them the real me. 


With every syllable, I pour out my emotions and allow them to puddle, forming lyrics from my soul’s breath. And with each word, my broken heart cries out for Kane, begging him to help me break this pattern.


To help me stop being so damn good at goodbyes.

29 October
RC Boldt Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

CeeCeeHouston ,


Compared to most other tropes (excluding horror/dark romances) rockstar romances don’t normally feature high on my list of ‘to-go’ reads. But, I love RC Boldt’s writing and so I choose to give this one a go and I’m so glad I did.
This was every bit as good as any other story she’s given us. Emotional, heart-warming, sweet and with enough steam to overheat my kindle.
Simone and Kane have a fantastic chemistry and even though they try to fight it, it’s way too strong a connection that pulls them together.
Simone is trying her best to appear as a strong, confident woman, to be the person she needs to be, but it’s hard. Kane can see what she needs, both inside and out. He sees through her bluster to the heart of gold she tries so hard to hide.
They make the best of couples and I was sorry to see this story come to an end. I loved it, and I’m sure you will too. One-Click today and get your rockstar fix today.

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