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“Everyone soon or late comes round by Rome”, says the poet Robert Browning. When your way also takes you to Rome, you will immerse into a world of picturesque Italian streets, full of romance and charm, ancient ruins, enchanting piazzas, magnificent fountains and imposing obelisks…With our guide, TOP 40 Rome, we would like to show you all this and more, and help you experience one truly unforgettable and exciting Roman Holiday!

The guide includes the latest 2015 information and is organized into three chapters:

Chapter One introduces you to the city and gives you an overview of the Eternal City – from its geography, climate, origin and ancient history to the Vatican, the Pope, the world famous Italian cuisine, architecture and many more.

Chapter Two reveals the TOP 40 tourist sites in Rome and the Vatican, listed in alphabetical order. For each sight, you will find information about its history, interesting facts, opening hours and entrance fees for 2015, address, official website, closest metro station and a nearby recommended place to eat. 

Chapter Three contains practical information about airports, how to get to and from them, public and tourist transport, Roma Pass, the Omnia Vatican & Rome card, hotels, shopping, safety tips and many more.

This interactive guide also includes:

10 Walking Itineraries with Zoom-in Offline Maps – each itinerary is designed in a way which allows you plenty of time to explore all sites in both scenarios – if you plan to go inside the sites or see them from outside. Each itinerary gives you reminders and tips – what to look for and shows you the shortest and quickest way to get to the next tourist site. The offline maps ensure that you can use them any time and anywhere.

345 Colour Full Screen Photographs – simply touch each of the images and you can explore it in more detail in full screen mode. The large number of photographs will help you navigate your way through the ancient city easier. 

Interactive Widgets – many of the photographs are organized into interactive widgets which give you more detail and information what you are looking at, what to look for and what not to miss. Interactive map widgets of ancient tourist sites, much of which are in ruins today, will guide you and help you explore them.

Colour Text Boxes with Curious Information – the colour text boxes throughout the guide point your attention to those little hints and interesting facts, which make your visit so much more exciting and enjoyable.

Places to Eat – for each of the TOP 40 tourist site we have suggested one or more places to eat with high review ratings from the online community. From home-run restaurants and pizzas on the go to tempting ice-cream shops and stylish Michelin-starred restaurants – there is something for everyone. 

Tips and Tricks – for many of the sights you will also find helpful tips and tricks which will facilitate your visit – from suggested shortcuts to hints on how to avoid the long queues for the major attractions.

Official Websites – the guide includes all the latest 2015 information about opening times, entrance fees, public transport, tourist services, etc. We have also provided the official websites of the tourist sites, airports, public transport services, the Roma Pass, hop-on hop-off bus tours, Rome’ tourist website, etc. This allows you to easily check the official websites for any updates or for more information when planning your trip. 

Transport Network Maps – easy to navigate transport maps are also included in case you opt in for exploring the city entirely or partially by public transport. 

Made for iBooks – specially created for iBooks, the TOP 40 guide to Rome is designed so it is easy to use, easy to navigate with multi-touch features and easy to find all the information you need quickly and efficiently. 

List of TOP 40 sights:

1. Altar of Peace
2. Aurelian Wall
3. Basilica of St. Clement 
4. Basilica of St. John Lateran
5. Basilica of St. Mary Major 
6. Basilica of St. Mary of the Altar of Heaven 
7. Basilica of St. Peter in Chains 
8. Baths of Caracalla 
9. Baths of Diocletian
10. Capitoline Museums
11. Castel Sant’Angelo 
12. Church of the Gesù 
13. Colosseum
14. Column of Marcus Aurelius
15. E.U.R. 
16. Forum Boarium
17. National Museum of Rome 
18. Palatine Hill
19. Pantheon
20. Piazza Barberini 
21. Piazza Campo de’ Fiori 
22. Piazza del Campidoglio 
23. Piazza del Popolo 
24. Piazza del Quirinale 
25. Piazza di Spagna 
26. Piazza Farnese 
27. Piazza Navona 
28. Piazza Venezia 
29. Pincio Gardens
30. Roman Forum
31. Sacred Area of Largo Argentina 
32. St. Peter’s Basilica 
33. St. Peter’s Square 
34. Theatre of Marcellus
35. Trajan’s Forum
36. Trastevere
37. Trevi Fountain
38. Vatican Museums 
39. Victor Emmanuel II Monument 
40. Villa Borghese Park 

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