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Total Erotic Recall is a place where virtually anything can happen. In this virtual world, one can succumb to the pleasures of the mind in a way that the real world cannot compete. Join our tales to see what might be possible in the not too distant future.

Story 1 and 2

Rebecca’s always wanted to explore her bi-sexual nature but it’s not until she wins a full day’s entertainment at the Virtual Reality Recall Gaming center that she realizes what she’s been missing. The Total Erotic Recall program selections include a she-male sex program where enjoying another woman is just the beginning.

Story 3

Vanessa makes the trip to the Virtual Reality Recall Gaming center where her office fantasy of being tamed and satisfied by a corporate billionaire is about to fulfilled. Office reports and memos are not the only things that are going to lie across the boss’s desk and the copier room is going to produce more than one solution to her problem.

Story 4

Mary’s shy nature is about to be cured when she makes a visit to the virtual world of the Total Erotic Recall center. Her paranormal experience with ghosts will leave her gasping in delight from their other worldly tutoring and will show her that heaven really can be found here on Earth.

Story 5

Elizabeth wants to cure her crush for the married next door neighbor with her visit to Total Erotic Recall. She gets the opportunity to develop a picture perfect experience with him, his wife and all the guy’s from the camera club.

Story 6

Connie has an out of this world experience when she selects the Sci-Fi Alien program in the virtual world of Total Erotic Recall. Her close encounter of a sexual kind with a father and son from a distant planet proves that they are just as fascinated with sex as we are.

Story 7

Jenny has been coming to the Total Erotic Recall to improve her ability to interact with members of the opposite sex. The quiet girl who had trouble talking to men is being replaced by a woman who is confident about not only who she’s with but how many.

Story 8

Faith’s fantasy about an adopted family member is going to be fulfilled in the safety of the Total Erotic Recall center. There are times when the need to know is more seductive than reality, and that’s what the company is all about.

Story 9

Anne’s a strong woman who knows what she wants and has tried it all at Total Erotic Recall, or so she thinks. How she passed by the Fantasy list and mythical creatures baffles her. Cyclops, Centaurs and Elves, oh my!

Story 10

Elizabeth volunteers to test the new and improved Total Erotic Recall program, a completely new level of Virtual Reality. The immersion into the system is so complete, that all awareness of the game is gone, along with any lingering inhibitions. Time stops, when the game begins.

***These tales are graphic in nature and are meant for adults only*** All characters depicted are 18 or older.

Fiction & Literature
August 19
Carl East

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