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A different take on bible study with Christ centered preaching

Tough Lessons from the Bible is the kind of book that’s a tough read, but effective in learning about the Holy Scriptures. Mack uses his knowledge of the bible to help those who want to grow spiritually in their bible study. This book is for anyone ranging from clergy to a born again Christian to even an atheist. It is for those who want to learn more about the Most High and His bible, whether you believe in God or not.
This book covers a variety of hard pressed issues within the Christian Church and society as a whole.

Some of the things you will learn by reading this book:

•What is the Trinity
•Who Jesus is
•If Jesus is greater than religion
•Homosexuality in the Orthodox Church
•Homosexuality a Christians view
•How to identify false prophets of today
•Why terminating a pregnancy is wrong
•If Christmas is one of those pagan holidays
•Whether or not God forgives suicide
•The Virgin Mary
•What the rainbow really symbolizes

Some of the questions answered while reading this book:

•Is the Most High real?
•Is Jesus the Messiah?
•Is Jesus real?
•Is the Creator a man made invention?
•Is Christmas Christian?
•Is the bible reliable?
•Is the bible really the word of the Most High?
•What does the bible really teach about homosexuality?
•Is hell for real or does everyone go to heaven?
•Did God create the universe?
•Are statues of Jesus and Mary idols?
•Should Catholics pray to Mary?

The author believes the Heavenly Father will use this book for good in helping people to learn something new about the bible. Christ followers you will understand your bibles better after reading this book. All believers should have at least some knowledge of scripture, whether believers read this book or not. This way Christians can be better equipped as disciples and (share Jesus without fear). Spreading the Word of God is what Jesus expects from all of His followers.

Religion & Spirituality
June 17
Mack Moore

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