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This booklet is aimed particularly at sufferers of P.T.S.D. because there is hope that you can fully recover from the extreme stress /stresses that you have experienced, for some of you over many years.

In fact, P.T.S.D. is in some ways much easier to work with energetically than someone presenting with something less tangible such as low self esteem, or mental health issues.

No one really knows why stress or disruption to our energy system affects people in different ways. For some it will first be evident in stomach issues such as colitis, diverticulitis, stomach ulcers etc., for others it could be kidney stones, heart problems, muscular problems such as myasthenia, and then of course we have all the cancers.

The common thread for every health issue is damage to the electrical system, for those whose reaction can be seen there is more of an understanding that something is wrong, although the common perception is that the sufferer’s body has let them down, when in fact quite the opposite is true.

But when we talk about P.T.S.D. there is nothing for anyone to see and identify, although I can promise you that in time there will be, the symptoms for which will certainly not be seen to be linked to the P.T.S.D.

In my work as a kinesiologist practising energy medicine I have come to learn how events, sometimes not even considered stressful, can eventually affect our health and ultimately pervade our life in general.

It is an accepted fact that our body works on energy; we have an electrical system which, if it could be hooked up to a house, could power that house – that’s how powerful our electrical system is.

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September 5
Susan Day

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