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During the 1840s America and many countries all over the world began to embrace a new mode of thinking. Countless newspapers began to report individuals who could communicate with the dead. Rather than feared as something dark and unnatural as it once had, many individuals all over the globe began to embrace this new wave of spiritualism.

Séances were not only accepted but became quite a common pastime in American households. In 1886 a new device hit the scene, guaranteed to allow just about anyone to communicate with spirits who had passed on.

The talking board was thus introduced to everyday society. Some believed the original Ouija board was a genuine channel in which to communicate with the dead. Others were skeptical—but enjoyed playing with talking boards nonetheless.

Everything changed, however, when the film The Exorcist hit theaters in 1973. For the first time the Ouija board was not seen as an innocent toy or device, but as a means to channel Satan himself. Seemingly overnight, the Ouija board was considered an evil object—a cursed object.

To this day, the Ouija board continues to produce mixed feelings in people all around the world. But what most people fail to realize is that these historic talking boards are not the only objects in existence that are believed to be evil or cursed.

In fact, there are many objects scattered around the globe, that leave a trail of terror, paranoia—even death—in their wake...

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May 30
Roger P. Mills

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