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Smooth, rich, creamy, luxurious…everyone knows chocolate truffles are an indulgent confection, but you might be surprised to learn how easy they are to make at home! In Truffles, Dede Wilson presents 50 delectable recipes for classic and contemporary chocolate truffles using simple techniques anyone can master and featuring a wide variety of flavorings, decorating options, and chocolates. For many, a pure chocolate truffle is perfection on its own. If your truffle credo is “chocolate and nothing but,” you’d be in chocolate nirvana after one taste of Easy Dipped Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles, Light Whipped Ganache Truffles, Rich French-Style Truffles, or The Triple Truffle (the ultimate melding of milk, dark, and white chocolate). But adding fruits, nuts, spices, spirits, or other exotic flavors to these little pieces of chocolate heaven is by no means gilding the lily. You’ll find dozens of choices to suit a more adventurous truffle aficionado, with flavors ranging from raspberry, cognac, and hazelnut to more unexpected options like curry, green tea, and even rose petals! Featuring mouthwatering color photos with creative ideas for packaging truffles as gifts, Truffles is a sweet treat for any chocolate lover! Recipes include: Cocoa-Dusted Classic Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles Amaretto Apricot Marzipan Truffles Toasted Coconut Truffles Cranberry White Chocolate Truffles Peanut Butter Truffles Chile Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Truffles Chai Milk Chocolate Truffles White Chocolate Fresh Mint Truffles Tiramisu Truffles Cappuccino Truffles Milk and Honey Truffles Bittersweet Chocolate Champagne Truffles Zesty Citrus White Chocolate Truffles

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August 26
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