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Publisher Description

A 9 year old Maya Baker confides in her diary her deepest secrets growing up well into adolescence. Surrounded by poverty, neglect, abuse, torture, violence, and drugs. Maya tries her best to keep her sanity. Every family has their secrets but nothing seems to compare to the Baker family Secrets that leave everyone devastated. As pedophilia victimizes the whole family, everyone struggles with their sexual identity, self hate, trust and most importantly "Love". For the first time in her life Maya finds closure by revealing the "Truth". Taking the stand as a witness in the most infamous Drug and Murder case against her rape assailant Abbriel Jenkins aka Hefty. Reliving her most agonizing moments from the past of true evilness and sexual assault by the hands of her cousins. After all is said and done Maya Baker finds the strength to leave home and change her identity putting behind her the life she once lived in Jamaica Queens, NY. Her future is now bright and fruitful.

Although life may bring unexpected circumstances, battles and pains. You can find light at the end of a dark tunnel from your "catastrophic" event. This message is for anyone who may have suffered from all forms of abuse - especially rape, which takes away your very innocence and your voice. Remember the pain and silence is "Temporary" but the love you have for yourself have to be preserved alive not letting no one take your self worth away. Just when the World seems as if its coming to an end please know you can fight to survive and treasure who you are shining at your very best

Fiction & Literature
March 30