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While life must carry on, one man struggles to pick up the pieces after the war has ended...

Tuppence to Tooley Street is a moving depiction of a man struggling to regain his place in life after the horrors of the Second World War, from much-loved author Harry Bowling. Perfect for fans of Annie Murray and Pam Evans.

As he lay in the mud on the beach at Dunkirk, Danny Sutton didn't think he would ever see his home in London's docklands again. But he was one of the lucky ones.

Returning home, he is reassured to find that things are just the same: the smell of the wharves and warehouses in Tooley Street; the usual hubbub in Dawson Street, where aproned figures stand in doorways discussing the war; the men down The Globe; the children playing tin-can copper in the gutters. And at number 26, Danny's family crowd round to welcome their beloved son home. But, scarred in mind as well as body, Danny is to realise that things have changed.

Unable to do heavy work because of his war wounds he must adjust to a different way of life. And, worst of all, his childhood sweetheart, Kathy, didn't wait for him...

What readers are saying about Tuppence to Tooley Street:

'Yet again Harry's narration of a London backstreet during the war is done with excellence... The book is full of drama and twists and turns... There is a surprise or two [and] the story does get gritty. Another fantastic, well written book'

'Super book, so realistic it was hard to put down. You felt you were living with the family'

'Harry Bowling never lets you down. He is a natural. Brilliant. Keeps you captured from the first page'

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November 11

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