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Marcie dreamed of being treated like a sex object, being used by a man for his pleasure. She wanted someone who'd throw her down and ream her out. She tried to get her boyfriend to do it. He was too much of a wimp so she went on the prowl to find someone who would. What she found was a huge thrill.

Some material not suitable for minors.


“This ought to do it,” Marcie thought as she admired the thin layer of denim that caressed the curve of her butt. Marcie was a nineteen year old, Ivy League sophomore. Her long wavy hair was braided and hung down her back. She thought the braid would draw her boyfriend, Justin’s attention to her butt. That’s what she wanted. She wanted him thinking and obsessing about her backside. Tonight she wanted Justin to overcome his reluctance to try something different.

Marcie was a cute girl. She’d never be a beauty queen but she was cute and slim with an athletic figure. She didn’t have the curves that make boys drool, but she looked good. She worked out and took good care of herself. As her girlfriends went through puberty and began to show off their chests to get boys to notice them, Marcie waited for her turn.

Now, she accepted the fact that it wasn’t going to happen for her. She had a quick mind, big brown eyes and a cute smile. She had long hair and great legs that went all the way from the floor up to a stellar butt. She learned to use what she had to her best advantage. Guys may never drool over her chest but they certainly liked her butt and so did she.

Fiction & Literature
February 22
Nick Foxx

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