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As strange as this sounds, this happens to people all over the world all of the time. We hear stories of creatures entering a person's bedroom while they are sleeping and lifting them through the ceiling into a craft. We hear stories of women who have been impregnated by these creatures. These women report being abducted just before the offspring was due and it being taken by these creatures.

Recently women have been coming forward claiming that these aliens have taken them to see their offspring, these hybrid human-alien creatures.

Most of the time, people just roll their eyes and chalk these stories up to wanting attention or a mental illness, but what would you do if it was you?

As you read through the stories that are in this book, really think about what the person went through. Open your mind up and ask yourself, what did they have to gain by claiming that they had been abducted?

We're going to begin this book by taking a look at the history of aliens, asking ourselves if it is possible that they really do exist. We'll learn about ancient aliens, compare the mythological gods to alien creatures and even talk about the relation between aliens and demons.

All of this with one question in mind, are we alone in the universe or is it possible that there are other intelligent beings out there, watching us and interacting with us...?

Health & Well-Being
May 30
Hector Z. Gregory

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