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If you are Since you’re checking this out, chances are either you or someone close to you is experiencing symptoms of adult ADHD or has recently been diagnosed with it.  

For anyone new to the world of ADHD, the first steps can be overwhelming as there is a wealth of information available, but much of it is contradictory in nature. 

In “Understanding Adult ADHD:  From Signs and Symptoms to Causes and Diagnosis” bestselling author Christine Weil seeks to break things down and provide readers with a solid foundation of knowledge about ADHD in adults so they can take that base knowledge and delve deeper where they need to.

You will learn:
How ADHD Affects the Brain, and why it may cause sufferers to be extreme risk takers or substance abusersThe Signs and Symptoms of Adult ADHD, this can be tricky and can exhibit very differently than ADHD in childrenHow Adult ADHD is Diagnosed, it’s not a simple processTreatment Options for Adult ADHD, both traditional and alternative
This guide provides an overview of ADHD including a breakdown of what we know and what we don’t.  It offers a detailed view of the common symptoms seen in adults which helps to demonstrate how this disorder can look different in adults than it does in children.  It provides an explanation of how ADHD is diagnosed in adults and ends with an overview of traditional treatment options.

For anyone looking for solid information about ADHD in adults, “Understanding Adult ADHD:  From Signs and Symptoms to Causes and Diagnosis” serves as a good starting reference.  

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August 17
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