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Islam is the belief in one God, translated into Arabic as Allah.

He is one Supreme Being without shape and form that we can't comprehend.

In the Arabic language, the word Islam has many meanings. It comes from the root of ‘Islam’ is described literally as meaning ‘submission’, ‘surrender’, ‘peace’ and ‘safety’.

Salaam is also known as one of Allah’s attributes. A Muslim is a person who submits himself to the worship of Allah, therefore making all those who believed in the original message of the oneness of God Muslim; including all the Prophets, from Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus to Mohammad (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them all).

Islam has come as a mercy to mankind with a book of guidance called The Qur`an,

the word of Allah – revealed 1400 years ago and unchanged ever since.

This book, along with the teachings of the final Messenger Muhammed, shows all of humanity how to behave in the way commanded by the Creator in all aspects life, both material and spiritual.

Religion & Spirituality
January 14

Customer Reviews

Maiohw ,

Simple & interesting

Very simply put with excellent structure and good sources of info. Only criticism is there are a few typos. Eg. "Food" instead of "flood" when talking about the importance of Noah.

Cowenga ,

Understanding Islam

Good book, quite detailed but not enough for new knowledge seekers.

andy_hindle ,

Good read

Very short but to the point. Although I have read the Quoran it answered some questions for me. Helped me understand Islam more. It also left me with more questions. The teachings of the Quoran and that of the prophet are seem to be that of peace and humility. The Message given is a lot different to what I see of Islam today. Where did it all go wrong ? Good read though all the same.