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Urology for Medical Students and Junior Doctors is a grab-and-go text book that can be used at home, on the wards or in clinical environments.

Covering the entire undergraduate curriculum set by the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS), it includes information on the diagnosis, investigation and management of conditions commonly seen in Urology.
Urology for Medical Students and Junior Doctors is clear and concise and covers your entire curriculum. It is colourful with illustrations, flow charts and tables designed to make learning and revision easy.
This textbook will help guide you through Urology for medical school examinations and will prove invaluable when working as a junior doctor.

This book has been created with 2 aims:
1.To provide an accurate, relevant and accessible revision resource at the lowest price possible to benefit students and junior doctors.
2.To raise money for charity. By purchasing this book you will be donating to charities who fund medical research and medical education.

“Urologists often remark that our subject is poorly covered in medical school curricula; therefore, when we have students attached to our departments, it is beholden on us to maximise their learning opportunities. This book should help, since its strengths are accessibility and that it is written in simple language without ever being patronising.

I could imagine a student attending a clinic and being able to rapidly match the case in front of them with the relevant section, and doing exactly the same whilst shadowing on-call. Once qualified, whatever the specialty they are working in, they could refresh their knowledge "on the job" with this readily available aide-mémoire to better allow them to deal with pre-existing and newly diagnosed urological conditions and emergencies.

This, then, is a most welcome, concise adjunct to learning and practising Urology for medical students and junior doctors.”

Dominic Hodgson
Consultant Urological Surgeon and Chairman of the British Association of Urological Surgeons Education Committee

2.Urological emergencies
3.Renal pathology
4.Bladder pathology
5.Prostate pathology
6.Scrotal pathology
7.Penile pathology
9.Urinary tract infections
10.Practical tips for junior doctors
11.References and further reading

About the Author
Ricky Ellis is a Urology Specialist Registrar working in the East Midlands, U.K. He is also a Research Fellow for the Intercollegiate Committee for Basic Surgical Examinations (ICBSE), undertaking research with the aim of improving medical education, examinations and selection methods.
Ricky organises Urology teaching courses including the ‘Urology Boot Camp for Medical Students’, which was recently nominated for several excellence awards. He is passionate about improving training for medical students and junior doctors.

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Ricky Ellis

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jeggings123 ,

Great textbook

Great textbook! Pitched at just the right level and contains everything i needed to know. Very reasonably priced too.