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The Celestial Castle of Dreams. Most people will recognise its name or symbol, the moment they see it, even if they cannot quite place where they know it from. And then most wish to seek it out, even if they do not understand why.
Giney grew up in The Fortrin Order but has never been sure that it is where he belongs. Tisk has always been a thief, even when she was a prostitute. So, where else would she end up but in the Thieves' Guild? But for the whole of her life? Eyna tried to keep that dark part of himself hidden, until, one day, he decided not to. And so, he ended up as a torturer for Valderia's assassins' guild, the Black and Red Blades. And though he is happy there, he wishes for more. Dof was once a soldier, now he fights in The Pit and breaks legs for a loan shark. He needs out, he needs a better life, one worth living. Ornu joined the monastery because she did not want to stand out, and then, by accident and talent, she did. Until she got older, now she wishes she had never discovered that talent. All five come to discover the existence of The Castle and all feel it might be the answer to their problems. If they can pass through its chambers and pass its trials, they will each be rewarded with one thing. What that thing will be? That is up to them. Power? Love? Immortality? It is all possible.
Unka is an az-kani and a very powerful sorcerer. She heard about The Castle as a child and when everything was taken from her, she made finding it her goal. Reluctantly, she lets the others join her not only in finding it but also in entering it. But only after they have helped her defeat the powerful being that holds the key to The Castle. They might die doing that. They might die in The Castle. She does not much care, as long as she gets the one thing she needs.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 15
A. C. Karzun

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