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An astonishing new work that radically changes how we think about, talk about and understand the vagina - and consequently how we think about women and sexuality - from Naomi Wolf, one of our most respected cultural critics and author of the modern classic, The Beauty Myth.

As Naomi Wolf embarks on a life-changing journey to tease out the link between sexuality and creativity, what she discovers is revelatory and exhilarating - a scientifically supported link between the vagina and female courage, assertiveness and consciousness itself. Emboldened by these new discoveries she looks back in history and show us how the vagina was considered sacred for centuries until it began to be cast as a threat. Even now in an increasingly sexualised world, it is thought of as slightly shameful. Why?

Vagina: A New Biography combines cutting-edge science with cultural history to explore the role of female desire and how it affects female identity, creativity and confidence. Provocative and engaging, positive and inspiring, this book brings to light female impulses, history and dreams - and, in exploring what women really need - it goes to the very core of what it means to be female.

For any woman who wants to understand her body and her mind and the culture that defines her - Vagina is essential reading.

September 6
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

Cox’s Pippin ,

iStore Censorship!

Have the iStore read the review they supply with this book. If it has radically changed the way we talk about something 3 billion people on the planet have why is it that we can't even see the medical term for it in print?

Miscellany ,

Is V still censored of you buy the book?

Would be grateful if someone could let me know.

WildflowerJo ,

Eye opening

I have just finished reading this book! It has explained to me a lot about myself and why I react in certain ways to certain things. I also feel this is the beginning of my journey to becoming a happy woman. I love the scientific nature of this book but it is also a very spiritual book. I love it and I am excited for myself!

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