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Vamperotic is a collection of erotic vampire fiction by authors from around the world, Vamperotic is a new series of short stories for fans of vampire fiction and the Twilight series. Unlike other vampire fiction, Vamperotic goes further into the erotic genre by turning up the heat on traditional themes.

Have you ever wondered how vampires make love? In Vamperotic fifteen different authors from 5 different countries show you how. Some of the world’s leading erotic writers submitted work to Vamperotic and they describe the vampire lifestyle as no one has ever done before. Rookie authors are present as well. Their work was chosen for the creative descriptions of vampire lust. All together Vamperotic is a collection of fifteen great erotic vampire stories.

Did you know that Vamperotic is an extension of the Readerotica series of erotic eBooks. Readerotica combines top-notch authors with easy electronic distribution. Readerotica and Vamperotic authors are paid by our sponsor, and their work is distributed in as inexpensive a method as possible to as many readers as possible. The goal of Readerotica is to show people that reading erotica on an eReader can be incredibly private and convenient, just like shopping at

Why did we create Vamperotic? When Twilight was released in 2005, we became immediate fans. But after reading the books we were left wanting more. We suspect other readers were too. Young readers who read Twilight when it was released are now in their early 20’s. We thought these readers might enjoy a selection of vampire stories that is far more explicit. So we used our contacts in the world of erotic fiction and created Vamperotic. We hope you will enjoy it.

An Excerpt from Vamperotic – Story #1 – Bite :

I could see him sitting on the edge of the bed, watching me. I took down my hair as I walked over to where he was, hips swaying. I rolled my body over his, pushing him down. "Hey, beautiful," he said, touching my face. Distantly, I knew he was excited to get to touch my face like this because it was the first time I would let him. Not due to shame, just due to the fact that it wasn't safe.

This close, his smell was maddening and I just wanted to roll in it. I tried to bide my time, contenting myself with rubbing my face across his body. He smelled like everything I loved - chocolate, cloves, leather, pomegranates. I soon got lost in all the lovely scents and forgot about the five people observing from across the room. All of my senses were in a deliriously heightened state. When you're a vampire and this hungry, you get confident about everything. At that moment, I knew that Travis was going to be mine in every sense of the word.

Fiction & Literature
February 27
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