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How could have the faithful Aurelia ever foreseen the significant consequences of such a loving act. As she valiantly offered her pure untainted blood to what was possibly the last of the Master Vampires remaining after the plague? Again, I am compelled to question how could such a simple act, born solely of a pure heart result in the ultimate demise of so many powerful entities of the secretive night world!

Teased and tormented over a number of decades the rare solitary creature that is the white werewolf only desired to reclaim a former mortal existence. Upon a harsh denial of such a simple request from that point onwards all of the aggrieved creature’s remaining days of captivity will embrace the opportunity to strategically plan the waiting downfall of the heartless man who dared to deny the full moon beast. Innocent lives will be lost and ancient tales rewritten as these traumatic times force a change to once everlasting destinies, be it born of mortal bloodlines or born of the darkened world of the night.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 21
Rod Seeber

Customer Reviews

Liane PL ,

Let down.

Not a bad story, but it was spoiled by the writer's inability to punctuate accurately. Sorry, but putting commas in the correct place really helps to clarify meaning; correct use of question marks is also desirable. It just spoiled what could have been an effective narrative, as I kept having to re-read sentences to ascertain their meaning. A shame.!

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