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Sir Dan Blackwater, well known businessman and philanthropist is found dead one morning in his home on the Isle of Wight. Pinned to the kitchen table with butcher's knives, he has been castrated in what looks like a gruesome act of revenge.

The only other person on the scene is his own PA, Sheena. But when DCI Charlie Trench brings her in for questioning, he discovers that she can't remember a thing about the events of last night - the shock seems to have caused her to lose her memory.

Unsure whether to believe Sheena's story, Trench calls in forensic psychologist Karen Taylor to help unblock Sheena's memory. But as Karen begins her investigation, she will discover there is much more to the Blackwaters than ever met the public eye. And as she lifts the lid on a truly scandalous history, she will put herself in more danger than she could possibly imagine.

Crime & Thrillers
July 5
Simon & Schuster UK

Customer Reviews

WightSail ,

Good plot, poor locational research

A good plot this one, an improvement on the convoluted complexity of its predecessor, but once again a story let down by poor locational awareness.
If it had been set in a fictional location then I'd have given 4 stars
Example: Dr Taylor drives from the (fictional) Goose Inn to Freshwater and en route passes the lane to her building project, previously described as on the north shore, off the Yarmouth road (best guess, Hampstead or thereabouts). All is fine until the next moment she is at traffic lights in Newport - nowhere near her route at all.
If the book were set in London such an elementary mistake would not be made - so why not spend 2 minutes on Google maps and get the geography right?
And the Red Jet is still not a hovercraft.
Enjoyable story howsoever.

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