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War correspondent Jack Connors flees to the Far East to try to forget the horrors of Iraq.
Awaking one night from the flashbacks that mercilessly haunt his sleep, Jack aimlessly wanders the streets of Chiang Mai, in Thailand, the thunder of explosions and gunfire still playing in his head in a tormenting loop. He stumbles upon stallholders setting up a food market, the air heavy with the intoxicating aroma of incense and spices enticing him among their throng until he chances upon a computer games stall.
It is out of place, an oddity, as is the elderly Chinaman fussily merchandising his wares. Jack’s eyes rest on a tatty box emblazoned with a single word, Virtuality. It is a game that transports players to their Soul Zone, a time and place in harmony with their very essence.
In his Soul Zone, Jack falls in love with artist Celine O’Brien. But soon fantasy blurs with reality and at the precise moment when he is totally submerged in the game, Jack finds himself ejected back into the rundown Thai hostel where he has been staying these past months.
Jack desperately searches for a way back into Virtuality and into the arms of the woman he loves in a romance that transcends time and reality. But it is not long before Jack starts doubting whether Virtuality existed and even his own sanity.

16 November
Andrew Don

Customer Reviews

Lisa, London ,

Perfect holiday read

The perfect book for taking on holiday
I really enjoyed it and read it more or less in one sitting!

JamieRussell225 ,

What a book!

A gripping piece of literature! I couldn't put it down. I can only describe it as a modern classic