Publisher Description

'Vision to Viewer: your idea from script to screen’ provides a comprehensive overview of the process creating a film in a visually engaging and compelling package. Interviews with experienced film industry people and short films can be found throughout the book.

Part One

Beginning with the generation of an idea and inspiration, it guides the reader through the process of developing and structuring the idea, while finding a voice and the confidence with which to express the idea. The book then moves onto discuss script and character development. This part ends with an important chapter covering the necessity of good planning (storyboards, recces, shot lists).

Part Two

'Vision to Viewer’ now moves into production. It opens with a chapter discussing collaboration and need to build confidence and knowledge among the many and varied roles that make up the crew of a film. This is followed by technical advice about cameras, lenses, lighting, sound and camera angles. This part ends with some handy and important examples of documentation without which no film would get made: a call sheet, a permission sheet and a risk assessment.

Part Three

The final part of the book covers post-production and distribution. The importance editing can make to the emotional impact of a film is covered here. This part concludes with a chapter designed to help you find an audience for your film, whether that’s through traditional film festivals or online.


This book is an invaluable guide to anybody who wishes to bring an idea to the screen.


'Vision to Viewer: your idea from script to screen’ is published by the University of South Wales, and is a translation of 'Syniad i’r Sgrin’, published originally in Welsh by Y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

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October 10
University of South Wales