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There's hardly a person who does not heard of Vladimir Putin. Most of the Western media describe him as an aggressor, dictator and autocrat. We are going to eliminate some of the common myths about Putin and see the "real Putin" behind the scenes.

Vladimir Putin, though leader, excellent decision-maker and the savior of the Russian Federation after the collapse of the Soviet Union. That's just a fraction of what Putin is as an individual. There's more than meets the eye. We'll explore in detail Putin's accomplishments, personal life, values and where he's heading in the complex world of politics. Why is Putin hated so much by the West? How Putin elevated Russia from economic collapse and poverty and turned it into prosperous country? What's next for Russia and the world?

Vladimir Putin changed many jobs in government agencies, from KGB (Committee for State Security) to FSB (Federal Security Service), gaining the necessary experience to shape as the leader he's today. Working on such agencies as a spy and an agent shaped his view of the world. Putin was supported and favored by Boris Yeltsin.

This biography will provide a different perspective about Putin that you are not aware of. In the world of politics, Putin influences the affairs in the Middle East, Europe, Ukraine, United States and China. I would even argue that Putin one day will become the ruler of the world and give birth of the new Russian Empire, especially if he continues to expand his influence around the world, whether he likes it or not, or whether he do this intentionally or not.

This is a great read for anyone that cares about world politics.
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September 8
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