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In her new role as protector of the Siyee, Auraya investigates sightings of a landwalker stranger in their land. She meets a mysterious woman claiming to be a friend of Mirar's: a woman who makes an offer Auraya is unable to refuse, but which she must conceal or risk the wrath of the gods.
In the south, Mirar enjoys acceptance and respect as he reclaims his place among his people, but that freedom will come at a cost. Meanwhile, Emerahl is at last able to join the Thinkers in their search for the Scroll of the Gods, but the truth may not be revealed in the form she expects. And the Pentadrians, frustrated by their defeat at the hands of the Circlians, plot and scheme to bring down their enemies by means other than direct conflict.
As the promise of peace dies, and two peoples are once more drawn inexorably into war, Auraya is unable to avoid being caught up the conflict. The key to everything, though, may lie with the Wilds, who embark upon a quest for secrets buried long ago.
Secrets that could change the world.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 7
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

Mad Dog Erogenous Jones ,

Voice of the Gods

A thrilling end to the series, Voice of the Gods is journey through a magical land with a denouement which shocks and entertains. There are some wonderful set pieces and much to admire. Highly recommended - a must read.

Metallimel ,

Voice of the Gods

I have just finished my fourth reading of this trilogy.
Voice of the Gods Is an epic conclusion to the Age of the Five Trilogy. Gripping storytelling & characters that inspire real emotion. I found it fascinating how much I could hate or love these fictional characters. This usually only happens for me with critically acclaimed & hugely famous books such as Lord Of The Rings.
The plot is expertly crafted with a conclusion that is both satisfying & disappointing (I hated that it had to end). :-)
Having read all of Ms Canavan's books I consider myself a huge fan & I am massively excited about the future release of Millennium's Rule.
I wholeheartedly recommend these books to anyone, regardless of age (I'm 40), gender (I'm female) or reading preference (I adore Pratchett, Brooks, Sage, Tolkein, Clarke, Rankin, Reichs, Goodkind, etc). I especially recommend this author to lovers of JK Rowling. These stories captured my imagination as much as the HP series did, although the Age of the Five trilogy is aimed at older readers than Harry Potter.

Move over Hedwig, Mischief has taken the top spot on my "most wanted fictional familiars" list.

Owaya Fly!

Em1066 ,


Guessed the ending, but still loved it.

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