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Four sultry stories of gender change and carnal delights. A man transforms into a beautiful woman to seduce his roommate, but finds things are more complicated than he thought when there's a stranger in the house; a man owes too much money to the wrong sorts of people, and is transformed into a woman to pay it back - and finds himself naked and chained to a floor with strangers; a man throws himself into a strange and sexy game, where he is transformed into a woman and the stakes with random strangers grow ever higher; and a man enacts a plan to seduce his coworker by turning himself into a sexy woman - only to find an entirely different man at the desk as he approached, completely naked!

These stories are intended for mature audiences only, and feature scenes of  gender change sex, m/m/f sex, toy play, oral sex, masturbation, group sex, stranger sex, and is 22,000+ words in length.

This bundle contains the stories previously published under: Change for Two; Chained and Changed; Changing the Game; and Changed and Surprised.

An Excerpt:

My whole body convulsed, a ripple starting at my belly and shuddering outward like an earthquake that would have torn continents in two. I gasped at the intensity, collapsing to the bed as my body writhed, heat flashing through me. My limbs trembled beyond my control. My heart thundered. Sweat exploded on my skin, and I wondered for a moment if my first task had been to simply survive poisoning.

Over a dozen sets of eyes watched with excitement. Faces leaned in, waiting with expectation as I shuddered on the bed. I could feel them as easily as I could feel the heat burning through my veins. They wanted something from me. They were waiting for something, something they’d seen before and were waiting with collectively held breath for it.

My flesh rippled, shifting beneath my clothes. I could feel my skin twisting, muscles rearranging, and bones actually changing. My mouth opened in a cry of fear and pain, but instead of my voice, the song of a young woman echoed through the vast room. I was so shocked, so shaken that I lay there as my body shifted around me, eyes wide with panic as the pain began to ebb.

What had they done? My god, what had happened to me?

I clawed at my shirt, ripping it up over my head, and stared in shock. Horror. Plain old confusion.

I had breasts.

Fiction & Literature
September 8
Kaitlin Black

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