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The End Times are coming. With Naggaroth besieged by the hordes of Chaos, the Witch King Malekith makes the decision to abandon the Land of Chill and make one final attempt to seize the throne of Ulthuan. As the druchii march upon the soil of their ancestral home once again, long-laid plans come to fruition and treachery blooms, bringing Malekith closer than ever to his goal. All that stands in the Witch King’s way is the Regent of Ulthuan, Prince Tyrion, and the darkness within Malekith’s own soul, the call of the Curse of Khaine.

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The End Times have come to Ulthuan. This in absolute must read for any fan of the elves, or for that matter, pretty much anyone who reads Warhammer fiction. In this epic tale, a destiny denied for thousands of years will come to pass, the realm of the phoenix kings will fall, and a new order will rise from the ashes. Written by veteran elf author Gav Thorpe, this book is in many ways the conclusion of the Sundering series, set at the very birth of the elven nations.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 28
Black Library

Customer Reviews

Wotfudboy ,

Simply not up to expectations

I don't think the writer knew how to write Malekith well... He was all over the place. There were good aspects like drawing on memories from thousands of years past, but in all was thoroughly disappointing. Key elven heroes were simply thrust into the story almost as a footnote... Got the sense the writer was going through a tick-box exercise. Worst of all was the lack of development of the Teclis and Tyrion story - was simply hollow. Didn't feel engaged in this book at all. Battles were vague and you got the impression that there were countless elves being slaughtered every other minute... Like they were orcs or Skaven. Some okay elements hence the two stars but overall thoroughly let down.

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