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His to Love & Protect

Losing Control: He turns her world upside down in the best possible way.

Olivia Westwood, successful, independent and stubborn, lives life on her terms and loves to stay in control. She gets the shock of her life when she discovers an intruder in her home. It's none other than Jake Hunter, her brother's best friend since childhood. He's arrived to act as her bodyguard, much to her dismay. He turns her life completely upside down because he's the one man who can make her lose her precious control.

Undeniable Attraction: After years of fighting his lust, he can fight it no longer, but he really should focus on keeping her safe.
Jake doesn't hesitate to volunteer his services when he hears Olivia is in danger. He buried his feelings for her years ago and stayed away. Olivia deserves someone better than a bad boy like him. Reuniting with her brings his feelings crashing back to the surface, making it hard for him to stay focused on keeping her safe. How long can he resist the passion brewing between them and his burning need to make her his? How long can she deny that her control is no match for Jake's allure?

Charlie's Protector

After two long years without each other, Charlie and Luke find that time has only stoked the fire of their eternal flame. 

Actress Charlie Winthrope just wants to find her brother, Brandon, after two years of searching for him. Luke Walker was Charlie's lover and Brandon's best friend when they were in the Navy SEALs together just two years ago. He was her only hope at the time and he turned against her after he lost his trust in Brandon.

Luke has a reason to believe that Brandon got involved in something shady involving some higher ranking officials and then tried to lure him into a trap, which he narrowly escaped. Charlie believes Brandon is innocent and that there must be an explanation for everything that Brandon cannot explain yet. Unwilling to see Charlie's point of view, Luke and Charlie split up. After two long years, Luke receives a message from Brandon asking for help. Will it be another trap? Can Charlie convince Luke to finally trust her and to help Brandon before it's too late? 


Halah Hussein was valuable, but not to her father. She'd escaped him to study in the United States. She made the mistake of coming home to visit after her mother and sisters said he'd mellowed.

As soon as she walked in the front door, her father tied her to a chair and prepared to execute her. He said she'd become a harlot by keeping company with non-believers. A phone caller interrupted her death. A Sheik wanted her for himself and would pay her father real money. Halah had hope. While in the United States, she'd agreed to work with the CIA. They kept track of her. The CIA called SEAL Team 13.

John Steele was the newest member of the SEAL team. He found life hard because he'd lost his fiancée in a car accident, and he felt dead inside. 

Could John and the SEAL team find the Sheik and rescue Halah? Would John find a way to move on?

August 26
Hot Alpha Publishing

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