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We do not die alone. That is the remarkable conclusion of We'll Meet Again, an extraordinary new book examining deathbed visions that will resonate with readers who have been mesmerised by the experiences recounted in books like Proof of Heaven and Embraced by the Light.

While there are many accounts of near death experiences - and We'll Meet Again includes more of these - far fewer are the accounts of the behaviour of the dying in their final days and hours. Now, award-winning journalist Colm Keane, author of the chart-topping accounts of near death experiences, Going Home and The Distant Shore, has written one of the most challenging studies ever compiled on this fascinating theme.

Those who have accompanied the dying, and closely observed what they have said and done, give us a fascinating account of what happens as we die. Dead parents, children, brothers, sisters and close friends are among those who return to meet us. Sometimes we see beautiful landscapes. Less commonly, we see well-known religious figures. Colm Keane also examines the scientific response to the prevalence of these visions.
Colm himself sat by his teenage son's deathbed as he died, and experienced the extraordinary light and peace that came into the room after his son had passed. In We'll Meet Again he talks to others who have been in his shoes and the book features a riveting collection of 70 real-life stories.

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March 15
Capel Island Press

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