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You are not allowed to be discouraged!

This is what my doctor told me when my son was diagnosed with ADHD syndrome.

Living with a child with ADHD can be frustrating but it is our duty as parents to help them understand ADHD and live with it

Here´s a tiny bit of what you´ll discover in this book 
 How to prepare for the ADHD diagnosis What will change in your family How to Remain Positive Everything you need to face this new challenge Why structure is vital to a child with ADHD. The positive sides of ADHD The first 5 things to do after the Diagnosis 6 tips to take good care of yourself and your health
Written in simple, non-technical language, this guide is accessible to everyone. The purpose of this guide is to provide practical and accessible tools for parents or caregivers who care for children with ADHD.

This guide is good for you if
 You just found out that your son has ADHD You have already tried various solutions but they didn't work for you You are looking for a user-friendly approach without too many technicalities You want to know the direct experience of a mother in your own situation.
How does this book differ from other similar books available on the market?

Well, this book was written by a mother of an ADHD child so I know how to cope with this syndrome and how you can explain it to your child. In this book you will find many practical examples and many tricks to make life easier for you and your family. 

Life does not end with the diagnosis of a syndrome.

If faced correctly this challenge can be overcome by all parents

With this guide, you will help your child to exploit his full potential without being blocked by ADHD but using it to his advantage.

Don't wait any longer, scroll up the page and start to Improve your Child's Life RIGHT NOW!

December 9
Parenting Tips Press

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