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My name is Vegas McKenzie and I am officially a screw-up. It should be tattooed on my forehead, no seriously…
Everyone (Tyler especially) thinks I have the most amazing girlfriend in the whole world – Daisy Oldham. And you know – if you don’t scratch the surface too much, it’s kind of true – she is pretty incredible – she’s beautiful and smart and funny and sexy. So what’s the problem? Weren’t you paying attention? I am.
I did it again. I got drunk at a party – she wasn’t there. I must have got all needy and lonely – and ended up in bed with a random girl. Guess she must have felt the same way I did – horny. I’m not too sure – like I said – I got drunk. I really had to stop doing that…
I had to stop doing things like this, full stop. Daisy didn’t deserve a boyfriend like me. And if Tyler Barton got wind of it for a second time – I wouldn’t have a girlfriend anymore – hell, I probably wouldn’t have a dick to get me into trouble with anymore either – yes – he was that protective of her…
Tyler is – or rather, was, following the previous night’s disaster, my best mate. We’ve grown up together and until we both decided that Daisy Oldham was ‘the one’ we got on like a house on fire.
Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that Tyler was secretly in love with her until it was too late – and she was already mine…
That was a while ago now – we’d only been fifteen at the time and now we were all seventeen. Tyler still thought she was the one for him – and most of the time I still thought she was the one for me – but I can’t deny that I’d been having more than a few doubts since the best night of my life ever – with another girl… Lydia.

February 22
Heather Mar-Gerrison

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