When We Were Us

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Publisher Description

He says I owe him a debt. And he's come to collect what he's owed

When you're young, anything is possible.

Love is pure magic and time seems to stand still.

I remember those days like I remember seeing my first rainbow.

When the sky was bleak, he painted it full of color.

We came from different worlds.

We had no business ever interacting.

He was the wolf with glowing eyes and a cocky grin.

I was the innocent sheep that he wanted to eat up.

I knew he was trouble, but then he went and saved my life.

I was in the wrong place at the right time.

Or so I thought.

I didn't realize that he was the leader of the pack.

He saved me from himself.

Only young love never lasts. Sometimes you grow up and move on.

That's what I did.

But now he's back. Meaner. Stronger. Full of darkness instead of light.

This time he's not here to save me. This time he's here to make me pay.

24 November
J. S. Cooper

Customer Reviews

JRD240252 ,

Don’t let the pasted cloud the future

This series gets better and better, it’s sexy, hot and still full of intrigue. The book was fast paced intense and suspenseful. The story begins eight years previously when Anabel and Luca first meet but things ended up badly between them. Now eight years on Luca a now powerful mafia boss, sees Anabel but it’s not passion that’s driving him this time it’s revenge. What happens when the truth and lies come to the surface?? Will they be able to salvage what they once had and get there HEA?? What’s the secret Enzo his arched enemy and Giorgio his under boss are hiding maybe Matteo his estranged cousin knows more than he is letting on?? Just when you think you have figured the plot out Jaimie hits you with another curveball. I definitely recommend this book, not one to be missed. I was given this as an ARC by the author in exchange for a voluntary honest review which I was totally happy to provide.

Julsinthesun ,

When we were us.

I received this arc in exchange for an honest review. This is the third instalment of a three dark mafia series. Having briefly met Annabel and Luca before we now get to read their own story. I enjoy the fact these characters as many of ms coopers characters have a history, they were each other’s first love but circumstances separated them. It’s a complex and sexy book. We also get to reunite with her friends from book one and two and Matteo too as he is Lucas cousin. I am a fan of ms coopers writing so in my eyes this book is great reading. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I highly recommend it.

Jean-Rall ,

Absolutely amazing

This is book three in The Alpha Boyfriend's Series and it is Luca and Anabel's story and omg you have to read it. When Anabel and Luca met they were quite young but there connection was instant but Anabel needed to continue her studies and do well so she could go to university and Luca was part of the mafia not that she knew at the time but after he saved her from an attack when she was nearly eighteen they started seeing each other but it all blew up in there faces. Years later and Luca is the top boss in the mafia but he has never forgot Anabel even after everything that she had done so when her life is threatened all bets are off and who ever it is he will deal with them harshly. Anabel loves her best friends Charlotte and Emily as they have been there for her at the worst time in her life even though she never told them about Luca so now she is avoiding them so as not to answer the questions that she knows that they will ask and she can't talk about it as it will break her yet again. Will they ever get a second chance to be together or has too much time past for it to ever work for them. Omg this book was absolutely amazing and I couldn't put it down and it had so many twists and turns that it kept you on your toes and you had to keep turning the pages to see what would happen next and it was totally addictive. Anabel and Luca still had a strong connection and chemistry between them but will it be enough. JS Cooper is an amazing author and writer and I definitely recommend you read this book, series and other books by her and you will definitely not be disappointed as it is a true masterpiece.
I voluntarily reviewed an Arc copy of this Amazing Book.

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