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Does it scare the devil out of you when your horse throws himself in the air?

It should!

Wanna make riding fun again?

You can!

But how? How do you fix this -- when the very touch of the reins sends your horse up and over? When things escalate so fast?

Start by asking yourself what you were doing seconds before your horse reared the last time. The odds are pretty good you were trying to stop or back up - and you were applying even pressure on both reins as you asked.

In "When Your Horse Rears: How to Stop It" we'll train your horse to accept pressures typically associated with stopping and backing and the like. We'll learn the theory and practice allowing us to soften and relax our horse, giving us greater control over his mind and various body parts. We'll teach respect for the bit while building smooth transitions from standing to walk to trot to lope.

In the end, you'll be able to make ordinary requests, (to "stop" or "back," for instance), without fear that your very pressure is an overt invitation to rear up. In fact, once you've put the time in, you'll be amazed at the difference made in your overall control, safety and enjoyment.

With this guide, you will teach your horse to:

- Keep his feet on the ground!
- Deal (well) with increased pressure
- Pick up the correct leads
- Move his hips independently
- Drop his head immediately

You can't make your horse stop rearing with a "bigger, badder bit." You've got to retrain the brain. This downloadable book shows you the steps you must take to put an end to this scary and very dangerous habit:

- Greatly improve your ground control
- Get your horse amazingly soft on the bit
- Greatly improve your brakes
- Follow easy, step-by-step exercises for lasting changes
- Cure a nightmare situation that could put you in the E.R.!

This is true "Do It Yourself" training - and only you can decide if this is something you, personally, are up for. Horse training can be a dangerous activity - so if you have any doubts whatsoever in your abilities, then I suggest you purchase and read this book simply for the deeper understanding you will glean - and then hire a pro for help and guidance.

"When Your Horse Rears: How to Stop It" is broken down into five "Days" or sessions:

- Day 1: Start turning your horse's first thoughts from "fight" to "give"
- Day 2: Teach your horse respect for rein pressure -- and do it where you're safest: on the ground
- Day 3: He can't rear with his head on the ground! Teach your horse to drop his head and "calm down now"
- Day 4: Gain "Control of the Hips" and get a great way to calm or slow any horse in a bad situation
- Day 5: Teach perfect transitions, tune up your brakes and nail your lead departures

Plus, the second half of the book offers 9 more chapters you should know if you ride a "rearing horse":

- How to Pick Up Your Reins Like a Pro
- The Reins: 5 Ways to Improve Your Use
- Rider Checklists
- Whoever Moves First, Loses
- How to Teach a Horse to Pivot on Its Hindquarters
- When You Get On, Do This First
- Is My Horse Hard to Train... Because of His Feet?
- See Yourself Leading When Riding
- Training Magic: Release On the Thought

See the first half of this book as a set of detailed instructions designed to fix your horse; see the second half as a way to develop and improve you the rider/trainer, your training habits and methods.

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September 26
Keith Hosman

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